Calling All Writers

Got an amazing story that you'd love to see on Yoza? Read on ...

How this works

If you write a cracking m-novel or book review then you'll be published on Yoza. Your name will be shown as the author and we'll link to one of your sites -- your blog perhaps? We won't pay you, but you'll get exposure on Yoza and great experience of writing for a youth audience on cellphones.

You will keep your copyright in anything original which you write, after all you won't be getting any money from us, but if its published then it will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. That means that other people can freely copy and remix your story and even sell it but they'll have to put their efforts under the same license so that you, and anyone else can copy and remix and even sell their creations. You cannot withdraw this license, it lasts as long as the copyright does.

Please note that you can't transfer your copyright to anyone else for thirty days from submission, after that, then whether or not it is published by Yoza you can transfer the copyright. There are more detailed legal terms here. Please read them carefully.

Last thing: please read the Yoza Manifesto -- it explains how to write for Yoza and what kind of stories we publish.

I agree to the legal terms of submitting my writing and also the Yoza Terms of Use

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