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Carly approached the zebra striped tape that stretched across the street.

A man wearing a denim baseball cap shook his head. "Can't go in there when they're busy shooting."

"But I live there." She pointed to a single-story house bordered by a white fence. She could see her mother's frilly lace curtains in the window. 

The man lifted his cap to scratch his head. "Nothing I can do, girly.  You'll just have to wait."

Carly sighed and stepped back from the line. She decided to sit on the pavement and finish her chips while she waited. She tried her best to ignore the cold, even though her fingers were turning blue.

She had just sat down when a shadow passed above her.

She looked up and met the gaze of Taylor Fisher, the American teen movie star. 

For a second Carly thought she had lost her mind. 

 "Hi," she managed in a small voice. 

He touched his top lip. "You have something right there," he said.

Her hand flew to her mouth. 

He grinned. "So are you sitting in the cold just to see me?"

Still holding her hand over her mouth Carly replied: "There's a film set between me and my house."

Taylor laughed. "You're funny. I like that."

 He walked up to the taped barrier, then seemed to change his mind and walked back.

"Would it be weird if I asked for your number?"

QUESTION: Do you think Carly should give her number to Taylor Fisher?


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  1. 30 Dec. 2011
    247. BEAUTY says


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  2. 24 Dec. 2011
    246. N.W.A says

    Dnt gv him

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  3. 23 Dec. 2011
    245. H(c)t+wint:<r says


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  4. 21 Dec. 2011
    244. Bby++T says

    Y nt!

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  5. 21 Dec. 2011
    243. §SASHA§++$FIERCE$(hot+diva) says

    Grow up gal

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  6. 17 Dec. 2011
    242. $(*)(c)(x)!CuT�+K-M0!(c)(x)( says

    Kam0:n0 y gve hm ur numbaz . U hardly knw hm

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