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The Awesomes 1 is finished. Chapter 25 was the last chapter. Don't worry ... a new Awesome story will start on 1 February. Thanks for all the great comments. Please keep 'em coming.

Write for us: choose The Awesomes character you most relate to. Describe a difficult situation she's in, and how she digs her way out of it.


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  1. 6 Oct. 2014
    262. Teddy4??? says

    I really love dis story it's so romatic

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  2. 2 Aug. 2014
    261. Blessedlady says

    I love love stories but the thing that really gets me thinking is why do characters in love stories always have it easy whereas we don't.

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  3. 29 June 2014
    260. *#ff0000+Aishwaria+''LUSHY''* says

    The story is awesome (x)

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  4. 18 June 2014
    259. Shahieda says

    I totally (x)d the story.it was awesum

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  5. 1 June 2014

    Lindi & Nomusa :P

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  6. 25 May 2014
    257. _*c'mphiwe*_+A.K.A+*_MCkhonto_ says

    This is one hell of a story.......i mean its so amazing i feel like read it once everyday 4 the rest of my days......I JCT LOVE IT .:D

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