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The Awesomes 1 is finished. Chapter 25 was the last chapter. Don't worry ... a new Awesome story will start on 1 February. Thanks for all the great comments. Please keep 'em coming.

Write for us: choose The Awesomes character you most relate to. Describe a difficult situation she's in, and how she digs her way out of it.


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  1. 30 Dec. 2012
    232. Chatterbox says

    There's one thing I am willing to know about all the exquisite characters. The RACE for each. Are they truely mixed up. I read different surnames. Can anybody help me out with that please:,

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  2. 24 Dec. 2012
    231. (H)(*)fAsHioN+fReAk8-)(F) says

    Wow dats the most awesome story ever. Really romantic.

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  3. 7 Nov. 2012
    230. Nolih says

    Irealy loved the story it was amazing:}and sweet

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  4. 25 Oct. 2012
    229. #00c0c0LOV3(H)K!NG says

    Dis stry ws epic,good,real n mst of all it ws awesome

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  5. 17 Sept. 2012
    228. Prudy says

    Wat a breath takng story i lvd it a lot great effords wel dne writer

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  6. 7 Sept. 2012
    227. Sparkles says

    The story was rily nyc,i(H)it very much,but i wud av prefrd a beta end to it,g8t job kip it up.

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