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Streetskillz 2: Silver's Treasure is finished. Chapter 23 was the last chapter. Don't worry ... a new Streetskillz episode starts 1 December. We're skipping November because of exams. On 1 November we'll publish the next Confessions story. Thanks for all the great comments. Please keep 'em coming.


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  1. 24 Oct. 2010
    19. 100%+babe says

    It ws a fantastic story wsh i cud read m0 of t, its lyk readin a bo0k u cnt put down. Keep up yoza, bst thot eva 2 have it on mxt

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  2. 24 Oct. 2010
    18. Dudubrenda says

    Yoza keep da stories of da (*) rolling, dey r intrstng n teaching. 8-)

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  3. 24 Oct. 2010
    17. Angel+eyez says

    Wat a nice story guyz keep it up

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  4. 24 Oct. 2010
    16. Senny says

    This was a good if not xlnt story.i cant wait 4 the nxt epersod.big up

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  5. 23 Oct. 2010
    15. Ñ(c)©ky...M(c)ñ@j says

    Wow, i learnt a lot, i learnt that i must not trust strangerz. I also learnt that as people we need each other everytime, if khaya n nathi didnt ignore their differences, they would not conqour. Streetskills 2 was awesome. I enjoyed!

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  6. 23 Oct. 2010
    14. Captain+JACK+SPARROW. says

    Wow! Omg! Wow im jst spchles i dnt knw wat 2 cy bt wat an excitng story! Wow evry chapter s fun u jst cnt wait 2 read anada chaptr...wow! I cnt wait 4 anada story. Thnk u 4 gvng us sch a blssng. Keep up da gd work guys.

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