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Streetskillz 2: Silver's Treasure is finished. Chapter 23 was the last chapter. Don't worry ... a new Streetskillz episode starts 1 December. We're skipping November because of exams. On 1 November we'll publish the next Confessions story. Thanks for all the great comments. Please keep 'em coming.


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  1. 14 Nov. 2010
    48. BEAUTIFUL+MOM says

    Totaly lovd d storie cnt w8 4 d next 1...hope t wl tl us mr of nathis success on d field

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  2. 11 Nov. 2010
    47. Asa says

    a great story especially wth rose spporting nathi bt we need to see how nathi spprt rose cnt wait for anothe 1

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  3. 10 Nov. 2010
    46. J.L says

    Da was a gr8 story..i realy lyk how rose made nathi feel,it was cute

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  4. 10 Nov. 2010
    45. ...casper... says

    Wow wow wow wow! Charles is an awesome ryta yoh! Yoh! Yoh!

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  5. 7 Nov. 2010
    44. *Lady+Naturalle* says

    Ja ne dat 1 grt story criously i dnt lyk sokha bt diz storie ws supacalifragilistic t a bomb cnt wait 4 da nxt chapter .+BIG UP

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  6. 6 Nov. 2010
    43. Zeni says

    O.M.G i can't w8 2 read more i neva liked sport stories nw couse of u yoza i love dem iya rocka

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