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Streetskillz 2: Silver's Treasure is finished. Chapter 23 was the last chapter. Don't worry ... a new Streetskillz episode starts 1 December. We're skipping November because of exams. On 1 November we'll publish the next Confessions story. Thanks for all the great comments. Please keep 'em coming.


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  1. 23 Oct. 2010
    13. b'+Junior says

    Im glad da story ended wel,i luv hapi endings,dis minz dat Nathi's goin' 2 live a hapi lyf n hav a beta future,especialy wit da help of his fada's treasure n havin a sapotive godfada,mada n gal4rnd.dis was a fanatastic story.I LOVED IT!

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  2. 23 Oct. 2010
    12. Samuel says

    Nyc story dat yoza hz composed keep it up gyz u r improvng our vocab

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  3. 23 Oct. 2010
    11. KIM says

    Neva trust people u dnt knw cumin frm nowhr n sy dey r ur family frnds.

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  4. 23 Oct. 2010

    OMG wat a marvelous, interestin story! Ths z byond d word GR8 i jst enjoyed evry min of it, esp d Nathy-Rose lovey dovey part. I wish my luv cud read it 1c n c hw amazin otha soca plyerz r 2 their gfs. Rose is so loyal and affable, jst lyk hw women shud b 2 dya partnaz! I learnt 2 luv unconditional wat i admire. Cnt w8 4 Dec it'l b rockin 4 sho

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  5. 23 Oct. 2010
    9. Hot+chocolate says

    Wow!gr8 story indeed.i loved reading this story it taught me tha ur worst enemy can end up being ur best friend.keep it up guys

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  6. 23 Oct. 2010
    8. $$.THE.DREAM.$$ says

    This story is an inspiration to us soccer playaz

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