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  1. 25 Sept. 2014
    142. Anonymous says

    It the best novel I had neve met b4...it real rock.

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  2. 16 April 2014
    141. Sakhile says

    It really touches me...it's a great novel thanks for the adverse...and thanks to Miss Mashaba for giving us the novel...love u my classmate Grade 11B...E.j

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  3. 27 Jan. 2014
    140. Anonymous says

    Girls look out dont break your parents's rules, u wil be responsible for your actions

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  4. 6 Dec. 2012
    139. BORN2LV says

    Da stry s wow.its a story dat awakens teenagers nd shws parents nt 2 b ovr ovr prtectv 2 deir kids...dey must speak wth deir kids...m kinda emotional nw.i lvd da story big tym

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  5. 25 Oct. 2012
    138. (Reported) "$(H)candygirl(H)$" says

    Hi, I am Nadia. This story was awesome but I just wish it can go on so that we know how they lived with this virus....

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  6. 7 Oct. 2012
    137. tofek4real says


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