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  1. 19 Dec. 2012
    191. Mjey says

    All stories of THE AWESOMES rocks :);):D

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  2. 20 Nov. 2012
    190. #ff14ff>KE+L£!GH-B¤O says

    Wow wat a story very exquiste cnt delightfuly wait 4 da nxt 1

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  3. 14 July 2012
    189. LOTUS says

    I like the friendship of 'The Awesomes'. Love and care only matters to them. As for the ending, that is 'pathetic'. Zack is a loser and a COWARD.

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  4. 25 June 2012
    188. Adorable+Chick says

    I saw it cumin mna zack is readng da ledaba rongo jst bcz sh said sh hd doudts doesnt mean shz nt in 2 hm nd wt gv hm dt idea sh meant it ws bcz sh turnd hm of 2 many tym sh ws almst nt keen 2 b wit hm hayke gal ur lost nw zack is myn love u boy(x)(x)

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  5. 26 Dec. 2011
    187. $:<ICE-QUEEN:<$ says

    Hey guyz so wen da new stryz cumin out..me lyk so tird of waitn coz i reali lyk readn dm..y did url stp. was it coz of sum haterz or url cud nt thnk of sumthng new. . .? Url got a lot of fanz make us cum bk 4 mre;)

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  6. 24 Nov. 2011
    186. Juicy+lps says

    Awesome story

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