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  1. 11 Aug. 2013
    192. #ff1493~(x)Miz+YØUNG+STUNN€ says

    I feel so sorry for Hope :( and on valentines day . . . Yoh that got to suck bad. Zack is such a nice guy and i felt that he was the best guy for Hope. I feel that they shouldn't let other things or people complicate their lives. I hope in the next Awesomes they get back together:).Thanks to the author for such an amazing story and the creativity was unlimited. Its not just another romance story but with the author thinking out of the box is exactly what keeps the readers entertained, so thank you;)

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  2. 19 Dec. 2012
    191. Mjey says

    All stories of THE AWESOMES rocks :);):D

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  3. 20 Nov. 2012
    190. #ff14ff>KE+L£!GH-B¤O says

    Wow wat a story very exquiste cnt delightfuly wait 4 da nxt 1

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  4. 14 July 2012
    189. LOTUS says

    I like the friendship of 'The Awesomes'. Love and care only matters to them. As for the ending, that is 'pathetic'. Zack is a loser and a COWARD.

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  5. 25 June 2012
    188. Adorable+Chick says

    I saw it cumin mna zack is readng da ledaba rongo jst bcz sh said sh hd doudts doesnt mean shz nt in 2 hm nd wt gv hm dt idea sh meant it ws bcz sh turnd hm of 2 many tym sh ws almst nt keen 2 b wit hm hayke gal ur lost nw zack is myn love u boy(x)(x)

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  6. 26 Dec. 2011
    187. $:<ICE-QUEEN:<$ says

    Hey guyz so wen da new stryz cumin out..me lyk so tird of waitn coz i reali lyk readn dm..y did url stp. was it coz of sum haterz or url cud nt thnk of sumthng new. . .? Url got a lot of fanz make us cum bk 4 mre;)

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