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  1. 11 Dec. 2012
    110. (Reported) SHULAH says

    I lv ths prty bt me in stck on d lv one

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  2. 15 Aug. 2012
    109. (G):xN@m€/£$§:x(G) says

    Wow wow wow i never read such an exciting poem like this its fantastic

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  3. 6 Aug. 2012
    108. Noxman says

    Poemz a gre8 if u cn write abt lv ppl by th way ar gd i lyk thm

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  4. 24 May 2012
    107. Paulrissio says

    Their grt en 4 ppl who dnt undrstnd dnt comment plz namely mbaly

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  5. 23 May 2012
    106. Problem+child says

    These poems are gud bt im more into romantic love poems

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  6. 14 May 2012
    105. DIVAQUEEN says

    I real lve all the classic ,its real help us ,yoza ur the best i'll lyk to ask u guys cn keep writng more stories and mre classic poems ,i lve read tennagers stories and iam sure the othr teen who lve too ,thnks to u guys for making life eas for us. From anita

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