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  1. 18 Sept. 2011
    89. Juice+baby says

    Hi is Joseph the writer do the great job i venerate they poems

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  2. 14 Sept. 2011
    88. JAGUAR says

    Hi, i want to suggest that give us some chances to write our poem here please give us that opportunities coz there many people who are talented on writting poems

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  3. 14 Sept. 2011
    87. JAGUAR says

    Hi, i'm a young male and i think i have a talent on writting poems i have some poems that i wrote. So i wish one day they will be published and i wish for that opportunity

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  4. 14 Sept. 2011
    86. JAGUAR says

    They were gud n awesome

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  5. 6 Sept. 2011
    85. Nokuthula says

    Big ups 2 da shutterworth foundation 4 makin dis a success becoz nw itz easier 2 read nd itz much exciting 2 read 4rm our mobile making it easier 2 learn. King lear is our set book dis year nd i had a hard tym readin da novel coz it ws a shakespearen language bt thanx 2 da yoza programme itz in simple english nd itz very understandable. Gud work guyz big up:D

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  6. 23 Aug. 2011
    84. Hotty+lips says

    The nickless

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