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  1. 6 May 2012
    113. Ma.andi says

    Dis poem iz so nice

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  2. 18 April 2012
    112. Sweetness says

    Wat poem issue

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  3. 9 April 2012
    111. :DPROF-MIKZIN(H) says

    Ur poems are very motivetive,writen in a perfect modaration

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  4. 19 March 2012
    110. (F)(F)Enter...password(F)(F)fa says

    They were absolutely great

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  5. 16 March 2012
    109. Veloscadisca says

    Awesome[dnt forget 2 invyt me here,veloscadisca.ladies only]

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  6. 5 March 2012
    108. Blaqemo says

    If i may, let me not speak of the litrature given to us, yet let me speak of the guidance these words in writing give to us. The poems in here are mostly read in high schools. But i ask of you to fall in love with the written voice and listen with your hearts and souls, poetry is a great tool to have, it can make and destroy things depending on the writers heart. This platform here is a great way to get good poetry, but cry out loud for let us not forget our fore fathers of poetry, but in this platform let us embraise the new fathers of poetry which is us.

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