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  1. 2 Nov. 2014
    155. smoootheee says

    "On his blindness" i love this poem as far as i understand how does John have passion about writing and he uses as the way of praising GOD n after he lost his eye sight he feel sorry as he wz craying to GOD that how he gonna write n praise him through writing n GOD reveal something to him that GOD post worse ppl thn him n r praising GOD on that situation that reveals the Power of GOD un2us and the World

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  2. 4 Feb. 2014
    154. #c000ff*"*#fc00ff//#c00ffc*KIL says


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  3. 6 Dec. 2013
    153. Andrew says

    Get lost.

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  4. 4 Dec. 2013
    152. (H)#ff0000*Queenbee*(H) says

    Diz poemz ar nt great dy suck

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  5. 26 Oct. 2013
    151. MR+LOONEY+D says

    I hope thi poems can help us becos we dp on his blindness at school,i love it a lot.thanks by mr THABANG MODISE A,K,A MR LOONEY D FROM THUTO BOSWA SECONDARY SCHOOL,MATRIC 2013

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  6. 14 Sept. 2013
    150. *.+.+.+#ff1996ß∂яbใέ+ß says

    W0w w0w ur p0etries are sn l0vely keep 0n wrtng(H)(x)

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