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  1. 9 Oct. 2011
    95. Lil+nature says

    Da story is good nd it good 4 people who play soccer

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  2. 8 March 2011
    94. Sbhegza+net... says


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  3. 13 Dec. 2010
    93. JUJU+LICIOUS says

    Im koketso nd i wnt 2 join de street soccer

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  4. 25 Oct. 2010
    92. Mr+life says

    Yoza plz make a deal with sabc 1 and play dis story on sabc1,2 or 3 or mayb on e.tv dis is a very gud story and it definetly needs 2 play on television its very kul

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  5. 23 Oct. 2010
    91. Sir+Thato says

    I enjoyed the story as I am a soccer fanatic myself, but - I feel that they made it seem as if soccer has just three players, they made the others seem non-existing, I know it's a short story but they summarized too much.

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  6. 22 Oct. 2010
    90. MRS+Sizwe+Dlomo says

    Am inlov wit dis story.love n soccer,wow its a grt c0mbinati0n.am glad dat khaya n nathi r nw gettin al0ng vry wel.rose is a smart n supportive chick dats wat i lov abt her.y cnt d police catch nails n shorty mara?luk wat theyve done 2 nathi,theyve distructd hm.nw as a captain he cnt thnk of any gud strategy 2 use in d game.Wat nathi shld do is to focus on d game n 4gt bwt nails n shorty as dis is an opportunity 2 show of hs skillz.gud opportunities cum once in a lyf tym there4 he gotta utilise d 1 he gets 2 its fullest.

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