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  1. 29 July 2014
    68. $JAY+BEE$ says

    Eiii guyz i lyk ur stories sbu guyz mandi braah zitory zenu keep it up doing the great work alwyz write and we wll alwayz read to other ppl lyk ths is great guyz u shown the lifestyles keep up me to guyz i do drama not jst a drama a comedian drama we call our self emahlanyeni we show ppl luv n make them laughing we attract teenages nt to do a bad stuffs lyk killing...smoking...robbing we show them that they can do smthng else dan these thngs to you readers if someone is intrested in our stuff plz invty jaybee123 to mxt maybe you can help us to find sponsor or doing a film please help us lets unite as one and fight for our world

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  2. 29 July 2014
    67. $JAY+BEE$ says

    Eii sbu guyz i like you work guyz keep forward writing and we will keep reading keep up the good work like your story k8 nawe mfundo ya guyz keep it up make people laugh guyz and know the lifestyle sendtsho even me act drama and not just a drama comedian drama we always make people happy and contract teenagers to stop do bad things like smoking ..stealing..we make them know there many things that they can do without doing bad things me and my crew ke we call our self emahlanyeni sow to you to readers if there is a thing you can help us invity me in jaybee123 course we need sponsor and maybe you can help us to do a film and the government know us course we are registered

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  3. 1 Jan. 2014
    66. Taka.lwe2 says

    Ndicela ongezwe lamabali esixhosa kutheni lilinye njee(F).{19U}

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  4. 1 Jan. 2014
    65. Taka.lwe2 says

    Kutheni lilinye ibali lesixhosa?:(

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  5. 17 Dec. 2013
    64. nomvuzo says

    U sbu kutheni engabuza nga ngbani gama lale maidi?

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  6. 27 Nov. 2013
    63. (H)Jounarm(H) says

    Yoh i realy like ur story u rock my world

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